Leggings Leggings Everywhere!

Leggings Leggings Everywhere!

Posted on March 04 2015

Take a second and think to yourself... how many pairs of leggings do you have? Lets ignore that fact that the answer to that question for me is 23. My obsession and passion for leggings didn't really start untill I discovered fleece lined leggings. They have the perfect look like skinny jeans but they have the comfort of sweatpants! I kept struggling to find the perfect pair of leggings that would keep me warm & comfortable but that were NOT see through (EEEEKKK)! 
I am also not the kind of person who takes huge fashion risks but I do like to look unique and different. One of the things I kept comming across was crazy patterned leggings that were hard to match and they looked too playful! When I came across these leggings that came in verious colors other then black, I knew I hit a gold mine! Black Leggings without a doubt are my go to pair because black matches with just about anything, but I learned how to add the perfect pop of color with my leggings
Out Go With The Flow tops are perfect to match with almsot any color legging because the tops are very nuetral in color! 
Many people like to match the color of their acessories wit hthier shoes. We like to change that up and match the acessories to the legging color!  
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