Our Intern Abby's Top Five Favs

Our Intern Abby's Top Five Favs

Posted on June 16 2015

Hey Everyone,
My name is Abby, I just started interning here and absolutely love it! I've bought plenty from here and I know I'm not done!  My top five favorite items at the store right now are:
1.) Chrochet Tunic Dress- Navy (Also comes in white & coral)
2.) Uptown Funk Dress- Pink (Also comes in white, blue, black & coral)
3.) Perfect Prep Print Dress- Navy & White (Also comes in Coral/Navy)
4.) Mint & Pink Palazzo Pants
5.) Last but definitely not least...The  Lace Kimono- Pink (Also comes in black, and white!)
Don't get me wrong I love everything here but if i were to tell you my top five it would be these. I love how they all look and fit on me and I couldn't pass on the opportunity to get them! 
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