5 Things You Have To Do This Fall! (And How To Look Good Doing Them)

5 Things You Have To Do This Fall! (And How To Look Good Doing Them)

Posted on October 13 2016

Welcome back, KKB fashionistas!

It's mid-Ocotober, time to indulge in everything this beautiful weather has to offer! The possibilities of family/friends/date outings are endless and as you all know, fall is our favorite season here at KKB. So just in case you find yourself with nothing to do on a wonderfully crisp autumn day, here is our fall bucket list! Along with some outfit inspo because of course, your #ootd matters to us!

1. Pick a pumpkin! 

Obviously, you can't let the month of October go by without going to a pumpkin patch and picking/carving your own pumpkin. So if you haven't already gone, find your local patch and get to it! (Our local favorite - Baugher's Orchard & Farm)

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Be sure to wear boots when you go to a pumpkin patch, and nothing that would really get in the way of you finding your perfect pumpkin match! Throw on some fleece-lined leggings for warmth, a draped top (dusty rose is perfect this fall), and top it off with a quilted vest and crystal necklace for that final touch!


2. 13 Nights of Halloween!

Can anyone honestly say they aren't looking forward to cuddling up on the couch with some hot cider to watch Hocus Pocus every night on ABC - I mean, FreeForm. Well, FreeForm's 13 Nights of Halloween begins next Wednesday! Fear not, the schedule is right here. Obviously, you'll be wearing our fleece lined leggings (which come in six different colors, beeteedubs). Order a pizza, throw on your favorite cozy sweater from KKB, and enjoy!

3. Attend a Halloween Party! Or gathering, whatever you prefer.

Halloween, a time where we can throw on a halo and a pair of wings and show our true angelic selves. It's super important to be able to be silly and have some fun on this day! Whether it's through dressing up your little ones and embracing the wonder and possibility of being a superhero or princess, or if it's just with some friends making great memories. For a last minute (trendy) Halloween outfit, refer to one my personal favorites - a witch!

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4. Go to a football game!

What's fall without a good old-fashioned tailgate and football game? Painting your face with your team colors, sharing drinks and burgers with friends, chanting for your team - the whole shabang. As a UMD student, tailgating with my friends and going to football games has made for some of my best memories. So, here we are - my go-to football game fit!

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5. Enjoy the fall foliage!

Not only is fall the best time of the year because of costumes, turkey and seasonal favorites at Starbucks, but have you ever taken a moment to take in the scenery? I've officially started to take back roads instead of the highway on my way to campus, to get that view and fresh air before a long day of class. Here in Maryland, we have something a little different. In Cumberland we have the scenic Western Maryland Railroad. For those of you who have no idea what this is, it is essentially a two and a half hour train ride that takes you through the most beautiful parts of Maryland. It gets better, while you're enjoying the foliage and taking incredible pictures, you're being served a three course meal! So if you're looking to switch it up for date night, give it a try! What to wear, you ask? 

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So with all of this being said, let's get going everyone! Now that we've shared our fall bucket list, comment your favorite thing to do in fall. Can't wait to read about your fallventures!

Thanks for tuning in today, same time/place next week? Sounds good, see you then!

- Lily

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