5 Reasons why shopping is good for your health!

5 Reasons why shopping is good for your health!

Posted on July 30 2015

Have you ever felt like you needed a reason to shop? Maybe you were going to a wedding or family party and needed a new outfit for that, or maybe you ripped your favorite pair of shorts and needed a new pair. Whatever your reason is for needing to shop, I'm about to give you a few more! 

Stress stress and... MORE STRESS 

1. The first and BEST reason is that it is such a stress reliever! How many of you can say that you went shopping and it was so stressful? probably no one! Shopping (especially for me) is my favorite thing to do when I'm stressed, but it's good that I'm not stressed too much! Shopping is a good thing to keep your mind off of what is stressing you out and you can focus more on what makes you happy and joyful. 


2. Buying new things is always a happy day, which brings me to my second reason... Feeling good about yourself.  Who doesn't get super excited inside when that dress you adore fits you PERFECTLY!?! You have to get it of course and you're already planning the many occasions that you could wear it! 


3. Shopping helps you burn a few calories believe it or not. Walking (or running) from store to store, walking around the store (multiple times if your like me), taking off your clothes to try on the new ones, and then putting your clothes back on can sometimes break a sweat! Don't you hate when you walk into a store and already feel the sweat coming? Yeah me too, but just think.... you're getting a workout in and who knows maybe you can fit into those jeans you're eyeing by the time you're done!


4. A day with your girls is always much needed, and wouldn't you rather go out to the mall instead of sitting at one of your houses and watching chic flicks and eating ice cream? well, that does sound pretty good butttt shopping is much better for your health ;) You can help your friends find cute clothes for that date their going on or you can all plan a night out and find the perfect outfit for the occasion! 


5. I know you hate having to put those two cute tops back because your bank account doesn't like that price, but it can turn out to be a good thing! Making compromises is a part of life and why not learn to compromise while shopping?! You may be making a compromise but at least you get something out of doing it like one cute top instead of three!

I hope you enjoyed my 5 reasons why shopping is good for your health! Now that you have a few reasons to shop I say you come visit Kelsey's Kloset, what do you say?! Hope to see you in the store soon :) 

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