Summer Goodbyes

Summer Goodbyes

Posted on August 12 2015

When the long, sunny summer days come to an end, a lot of goodbyes are in order. To friends and family, you let them know you'll see them again soon. But now it's time to promise your wardrobe the same thing. Farewell to shorts and sleeveless dresses! It was fun but we'll see you next season. 

Heeeelloooo cardigans, layers, and leggings! 

Yes, it's sad to say goodbye to all the fun summer can bring in fashion, but as the famous saying goes - When one door closes, a window opens! And in this case, the window is a fall fantasy of clothes! From everyone here at Kelsey's Kloset, especially myself, fall is a favorite fashion season by far! And we just want all of you shoppers to know... BUCKLE UP, because we are entering this season full force with tons of amazing clothes and a festive attitude! It's time to embrace the cold and look great while doing it.
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Cardigans              Scarves
Jackets                  Boot Cuffs
Sleeves                 Beanies
Vests                     Boots
Leggings               Pants
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