First Impression: Perfect Print Palazzo

First Impression: Perfect Print Palazzo

Posted on August 26 2015

Hi Everybody! Kelsey's Kloset has just recieved a new item and as a lover of all things fashion, I thought I would share my first impression on this product! 
With one look, I could see plenty of styling options for these pants. With fall approaching fast, a leather jacket or cropped black sweater would look great! I would pair these pants with a simply necklace, preferably one with a longer chain. These pants are statement enough that you don't want to over do it with colors or huge jewelry, stick to the basics, beautiful!
Next thing I noticed was the fabric. It's not as soft as some of the other pants we've gotten but nonetheless it's still above average! We here at Kelsey's Kloset just love good quality fabrics :) The pants are stretchy and fit perfectly to any body shape. As a college student who takes morning classes, I want to be comfortable when I go to class. One touch of these pants and I knew they would provide that comfort and style to any situation. This is a HUGE plus! 
Getting to the length, I am a little bit taller than the average height and was worried the bottom would find itself in the weirdest place. However, when I tried on the pants, they were exactly where I wanted them to hang! Everybody has their preference so if you try these on and find they are an awkward length, guess what.... YOU CAN TRIM THEM YOURSELF! Yes, that is the truth! I'm not making this up. The material these pants are made out of allows you to cut the bottom of the pants without fraying. They don't have a hem and they don't need one. So don't worry about the length because you can alter these pants in just one step! 
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