The Fall Fashion Rainbow

The Fall Fashion Rainbow

Posted on September 21 2015

10 Trendy Shades of Fall & Winter

Misted Yellow transitions from summer to fall and winter with its pop of autumnal color to announce the beginning of a new season.
Mauve Mist is the romantic color of fall that shows your sweat and gentile side.
Aluminum is the natural shade of steel that can be used as a  complex neutral color.
Cypress is a majestic and mighty green that elevates as a wonderful evergreen.
Bright Cobalt offers a fine modification of the classical cobalt blue, and unites all blue shades of the season into a beautiful symphony.
Sangria, exotic red that evokes a feeling of glamorous adventures and passion.
Royal Blue offers a more complexity and passion in the look than the classic navy, while still remaining versatile.
Radiant Orchid is fascinating and enjoyable to use, intriguing and inspiring.
Cognac is a stylish cultured brown gives the outfit a typical autumn color, making the shade suddenly very suitable for an evening.
Aurora Red that is more complex and sophisticated shade, with the addition of enthusiasm and bright sparks.
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  • Kelsey & Team: December 16, 2015

    Hey Nickole,

    We love how you spell your name it makes it unique & we totally adore that. We wanted to take the time to address your comments below:

    In retail we believe it isn’t a price game because there will always be some where cheaper. People will buy based on so many different things. We have a brick and mortar boutique located in Maryland & since we had a huge demand for our product we decided to take it online, a little over a year ago.

    Our boots are under $70 at $68.00 & shipping does bring them over $70 but if you spend $100 you get free shipping! We also do have sales all the time on our products. You’re right the boots aren’t leather (& it does state that in their descriptions) which is why they aren’t priced that way leather goes for $100+ typically! They still are an amazing price and they do last a while (if you take care of them of course).

    We are quite sure you wouldn’t know the quality of our product unless you physically have felt or have seen them in person. Our vests & jackets aren’t paper thin we can assure you of that! ;) Old navy is a very large company that orders by the thousands so therefore they get huge price breaks on their merchandise so that comparison is irrelivant, in our small business opinion.

    There are also products we sell for cheaper than other companies & some companies don’t event accept returns so it goes both ways!

    In reguards to Yelp, back in 2012 when that comment was posted we were actually a consignment store, this is how the boutique began! Yelp wasn’t helpful in reguards to removing that comment, so we haven’t wasted our time on it. Thank you for taking the time to research our company though. If you kept looking you may have seen our articles that tell you more about our story.

    We appreciate the feedback as we do always read it & we agree it is important. However in our opinion, if you don’t like our prices, you don’t like the quaility of our products, & you prefer to shop larger chained companies we aren’t sure why you took the time to let us know all of this information because it seems like you’re not interested in supporting our boutique anyway.

    Have a great Wednesday!
    Kelsey& Team

  • Nickole: November 20, 2015

    I was very excited to see the advertisement for this Boutique on the News this am. Unfortunately after viewing the items MANY of your pieces are also advertised on other websites for $20-$30 less. It is clear from the photos the boots are not leather but you are asking over $70 +shipping. While the boots are cute they are not the most fashionable in regards to colors, designs, details etc. The fabric for the jackets are extremely lightweight for $88. The pink quilted vest is $68 and is paper thin! Right now Old Navy has QUILTED vests regularly priced $30 in up to 5 bold colors that will have you sweating profusely. I do not mind paying for good quality garments but the quality is in fact a must. FYI: YELP has a comment stating that your clothing is “gently used”. I’m not sure if this was true at one point (the review was from 2012) but it would certainly cause an eye raise. I do not mean for this message to appear negative, I feel the opinion of a consumer is important. You have several good picks but if you were to lower your prices a bit you could appeal to a wider audience :)

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