Booties Rockin' Everywhere

Booties Rockin' Everywhere

Posted on September 21 2015

Booties are my absolule favorite style of shoe in the entire world. And let me tell you i was stringly agaisnt them before i tried them on and started pairing them with outfits. Not only are booties extremly comfortable, but their ability to be so diverse is what makes them the apple of my eye. 
Booties can be paired with a little black dress or just about any dress and be perfect for a night out on the town!
Add a Pair of boot socks to your outfit and you have a stylish hipster look thast will steal the show.
With the confort of the leggings the booties will always add the perfect pep in your step you need to make it succesfully though the day!
Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans the like to strut around in and booties give you even more of a reason to show off youre beautful long legs! 
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