Style Inspiration Board: Winter

Style Inspiration Board: Winter

Posted on January 06 2016

Style Inspiration Boards serve a heavenly purpose: to display in a visual way the things that inspire your style, duh! Here at KKB, we like to create inspiration boards for special occasions, like it officially being winter! The cold outside has us feeling warm and cozy so we're going to share with you our

Winter Inspiration Board

Source: Pinterest

 Now let's talk about the themes presented in our board. We've got burgundy, wine, taupe and olive colors, flannel patterns, scarves, oversized sweaters, knit, candles, and faux fur. If you'd like to shop any of these themes, check out what we've got below:

Shop "Burgundy"

Shop "Olive"

Shop "Taupe"

Shop "Flannel"

Shop "Scarf"


Shop "Sweaters"


Shop "Knit"

Shop "Fur"

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