The Perfect OOTD Instagram Photo (Selfie Style)

How To: The Perfect OOTD Instagram Photo (Selfie Style)

Posted on January 15 2016

Some days, after you get dressed you realize how amazing your outfit is and you want the whole world to know! So it becomes crucial to share a photo on instagram that does this wonderful outfit justice. You want your friends and family to appreciate the fashionista inside of you, therefore, enter the "Outfit Of The Day" hashtag. Don't get discouraged if every photo you take of your outfit just isn't making the cut. There are seven easy steps, or quidelines, to be aware of when posing in front of your mirror. Follow these and you're on your way to posting the PERFECT #OOTD INSTA
Seek out a bright light that's not too harsh. Natural light is always your best bet! Stand near a window and you'll find that the cool tones bring out a flattering light, perfect for your photo!
When it comes to angles, there are many ways to achieve them. Hold your phone at an angle that brings out your best features while also twisting and turning your body in ways that make the pose look more natural. Bend a knee here or there, tilt your head, or even rest your arms in a way that eccentuates your body. Draw attention to the areas you like best! For example, show off your hips by resting one foot in front of the other and placing your arm effortlessly behind your back. Or eccentuate your waist by resting your hand on it. Achieving angles is easier than you think, just don't stand there like a tree! ...Unless that's the look you're trying to achieve, then you go girl!
Here's a good way to keep the focus on you and your outfit. Crop the photo so there isn't a ton of extra space between your head and feet. This will make you the center of attention, plus you'll look taller! If there's a lot going on in the background of your #ootd, then you definitely want to make sure you crop as close to your fiqure as necessary. You don't want the photo the be distracting or too busy!
Create movement with your body or accessories, this makes the photo interesting. Try not to look like your feet are nailed to the ground, grab at your outfit, work it! It helps if you pose often and just freeze for a second to snap a pic. You'll never know what works best for you unless you step out of your comfort zone. So don't be afraid to spend countless minutes in front of the mirror, constantly shifting your placement and having fun with it! 
Focus is important. How are your friends and family supposed to admire your outfit if it's blury? Just be aware of your camera! A crisp and clear photo will definitely set you apart from the rest.
Shadows and reflections can create depth in a photo. So be creative and play around! Take advantage of any sun rays or shapes that shadows might create against your outfit. 
You want everything in your photo to work together like a well-oiled machine. Stand near colors and shapes that compliment your outfit. Also, incorporating shapes and prints in your outfits make for an interesting and stylish "outfit of the day".

The important thing to remember when taking a mirror pic of your outfit is to have fun with it! Practice and experiment, you can't go wrong! 

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