A Day To Be Thankful

A Day To Be Thankful

Posted on November 24 2016

Today is not just any old Thursday. It's not just the day we try to rush through so we can get to the weekend already. It's not just the day we hit up happy hour for Thirsty Thursday specials. It's not just any old Thursday.

Today is Thanksgiving! Which I'm sure is not news to anyone. I'm sure just like me, you've all been working round the clock in and out of grocery stores, prepping the kitchen and tidying up the guest room for relatives coming into town. It's very easy to get caught up in everything going on around us; the long lines at the grocery store, the endless traffic on your way home, trying to cook 9 different dishes at once in your kitchen and also accommodating everyone's particular needs/allergies. 

To many of us, Black Friday deals are a nice little reward for all the work it took to put together the perfect Thanksgiving. Some of us can't wait to get started on the Christmas shopping on Black Friday so we can get the best deals. All of that is good and well, but you know what isn't? Shopping on Thanksgiving. I've noticed over the past few years an increasing number of stores starting their specials the night before Black Friday; the evening of Thanksgiving to be exact. 

Uncool, guys.

Today is not about shopping. Today is not about elbowing the person next to you so you can rush in and get the biggest TV for the best price, nor is it about rushing through dinner so that you can leave and get in line outside of the mall. 

Take the time to sit and listen to the stories your uncle has to tell. Sit down and have a cup of "tea" at the kids' tea party. Start up the Keurig and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy with your family. Today is about stopping time even just for a few hours, to stuff our faces with our families and fill the room with love. Don't shop today.

Here at Kelsey's Kloset, we place a great deal of importance on today. The entire Kelsey's Kloset team surrounds themselves with family, and we put the shopping business on hold. Listen to the stories your grandparents have to tell, play catch with your dad, pictionary with your siblings...the list goes on. Don't shop today.

We can resume our passion for fashion tomorrow! After a day of family, the KKB team will be back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the store tomorrow morning. Head over to our Facebook page for all the details.

But for now, Happy Thanksgiving from the KKB Team to you and your family!

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