DIY Keyhole Tee

DIY Keyhole Tee

Posted on December 15 2016

I have been so eager to do a DIY because I swear there are pretty crafty genes somewhere in me, but the lazy genes typically overpower them. Either that or I'm busy playing with make-up. Which btw, are you following my Instagram?

So anyway, is there a more perfect occasion to cut up a t-shirt than college game day? Maybe. But for the sake of this post, how about we go with no. Typically, I sport a classic UMD t-shirt and whatever bottoms seem appropriate for the weather to games. But this time, I wanted to try something new. Seeing as I want to really embrace this fashionista side of me, I tried to keyhole a Maryland tee. Inspired by the adorable new keyhole tops at KKB which is available in red, green and black.

So, here we go!

Tools: Scissors and a Sharpie. Yeah, that's all I used.

I went through my closet and found a t-shirt that wasn't extremely oversized, but definitely not formfitting. I went with one that's a size medium (I'm a small).


Next, I tried the t-shirt on and using my sharpie I drew faint lines where I wanted to cut the neckline (so that it's not just a t-shirt crew neckline), and the triangle keyhole.


I figured the perfect spot for the keyhole on this particular tee was in the M! So you can see where the line is going right into the M and around the neckline. Now, the fun stuff.


So as you can see, this really wasn't a difficult process! I made sure to take my time with the scissors so as to avoid jagged edges and to make sure I wasn't cutting too much. I considered cutting the sleeves a little too so that they wouldn't fit so oversized and awkward but I figured I would be wearing a jacket anyway. So it's all preference based!


My fav part! Styling the project. Here are my outfit details:

  • Bomber from Nordstrom (very thin, satin and light weight. Not very warm so I wore a cardigan underneath that I could easily hide)
  • High Waisted Black Jeans from American Eagle, my absolute go-to for all things denim!
  • Chelsea Boots from PacSun, the link doesn't take you to the exact pair I have since I got them about a year ago. But they are absolutely my FAVORITE booties. Ask anyone, they're all I wear.
  • Finally, my favorite beanie! From Kelsey's Kloset Boutique, this beanie fits like a dream. I hate having to be conscious of adjusting my beanie's all day so I love this one because it fits perfectly and it does so all day - no need for maintenance!

That's pretty much all of the pieces it took for me to put together my grunge game day outfit, along with some smokey make-up and grey/brown lipstick (Dolce K by Kylie Cosmetics!). Thanks for reading and pls pls leave comments to let me know what you thought! If you have any other DIY ideas you'd like to see, feel free to share them. I love procrastinating so give me things to do besides write papers friends!


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