How To Be Successful On A Time Limit

How To Be Successful On A Time Limit

Posted on November 03 2016

Boy, am I tired. Is anyone else feeling like this time of the year is like mid-day Thursday? Almost at the end of the week, but still so much to do! My days have been full of grabbing a banana on my way out, forgetting to grab my headphones when I'm headed to the gym and wet hair on-the-go. I know, it sounds rough. 

I've started to create mini morning/daily hacks to make my life a little easier on those "gotta go, I'm late!" kind of mornings and I'm going to share them with you! So let's jump right in.

#1: Pre-plan your outfit

always check the weather for the week on Sunday or Monday. I need to know crucial things such as "should I bother doing my hair on Wednesday if it's going to rain?" or "will I need a sweater and a scarf tomorrow?". Answering those questions quickly in your head set you up for a much smoother day. No one likes leaving the house and realizing it's starting to rain and poof goes your hair frizz (not to mention your suede booties!). Click here to check out my post on transforming your closet for some quick tips on pre-planning!

#2: Hype Music

This. Is. Important. Getting ready super early is no fun to begin with. I like to start my days with some white noise while I'm walking around preparing for the day. Otherwise it's like, did I even wake up? The easiest thing for me is to turn on Friends as soon as I get out of bed. I've seen Friends at least one million times at this point, so there's no danger in my getting side-tracked sitting and watching. But on the days that I need some extra pep in my step, I refer to this playlist.

#3: Coffee (duh)

For the safety of those around me, I have a cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. I'm sure I'm not the only one here. Currently my order at Starbucks is a Grande Salted Caramel Mocha (sometimes with an extra shot). But because Starbucks is not located in my kitchen, setting the timer on your coffee maker so that it begins brewing 10 minutes before your alarm goes off is stellar. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh coffee? And then for that evening struggle, there's always wine.

#4: Speedy Beauty Routines

Ahhhh, hair and makeup. The precious years of my life I've lost trying to perfect my eye liner and de-poof my hair. This is a battle I have far too often. So I started to think to myself, there must be another way. I realized the products you use actually change things! I've started using products such as Benefit's Cheek & Lip Stain to take care of my lips and cheeks, NARS Eyeshadow Sticks for a quick swipe on my lids. Everyone's routine is different but honestly, having these dual use products keeps me from rumaging through all my make-up trying to find what I need. Time is of the essence!

#5: Breathe

Alright, this is pivotal to having a successful day. BREATHE! It's going to be okay, you'll get to work or class, you'll survive today. A frantic and stressed out you will not make way for a positive outcome. Take it from me, if I'm running around the house trying to get out the door it's almost guaranteed that I'll spill my coffee. So calm down!

#7: Exit Checklist

"Phone, keys, wallet" - my mental checklist as I walk out everyday. Sometimes I need to make sure I have a few other things like my books for class, laptop charger, and a snack. But for the most part, your exit checklist should be a simple question you ask yourself every morning. This way you're not in your car driving to work thinking "Did I remember to grab my wallet?". Or if you're like me, you won't be looking for your phone while it's in your hand. Oops!

#8: Slay

Above all, maintain your confidence. Even on a bad day, you're still killin' it! I am a huge fan of the "good things happen to good people" concept. If you're exuding nothing but negativity, you can only expect it in return. But if you take on the day with a shining smile and strong cup of coffee, anything is possible.

So here's to strong women. May we know them, may we raise them and may we be them.

See you next week!


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