Spring Style Challenge: Try A New Trend Everyday For A Weekend

Spring Style Challenge: Try A New Trend Everyday For A Weekend

Posted on April 12 2017

Spring has sprung!

I think it's safe to say that now, right? I mean here in Maryland it seems like the weather has commitment issues. It leaves us wearing sweaters on days that it's above 75 and dresses on days it's below 30. 

But given the fact that this week started off with a bright and sunny 80 degree day, I'm going to make the sweeping declaration that we should all put our winter coats away. Maybe keep the lightweight jackets out though... ya never know.

So after months of wearing thigh-high boots, lace-up sweaters and blanket scarves, it can seem a bit scary to just jump right in to short sleeves, sandals and breezy kimonos. I'll admit, even I'm a bit hesitant to put all my boots away. For that reason I've come up with a quick and easy way to kick off Spring Style this year! It's working for me so far, let's hope it works for you as well!

STYLE CHALLENGE: Try a new Spring trend everyday for one whole weekend! That means Friday-Sunday, we're going to try to incorporate a trend that's hot this Spring into your otherwise warm and comfy outfits. Come on, ladies. We got this.


Last day of the work week! Obviously, we kick off this challenge with the off-the-shoulder trend. Pair our cropped off-the-shoulder top with a pencil skirt or some high waisted bell bottom pants. Depending on your job, throw a blazer (for example our blazing blazer) or a jean jacket (check out ours here: sugarloaf denim jacket). Your final product should look something like this:



Saturdays are for the family! So this Saturday, how about we try a comfortable outfit trend: midi-dresses! The perfect in-betweener when it comes to dresses, not as formal feeling as a maxi and not as annoyingly short as a mini. So you can picnic with the family without having to worry about your dress getting in the way. Pair our striped midi-dress with our cropped denim jacket and a pair of all white converse for the PERF Saturday fit. Final product should look something like this:

Thanks for the inspo ConveyTheMoment.com!


What's Sunday without brunch? And what's brunch without the perfect outfit? How are you supposed to take bomb group pics while holding a giant mimosa if your outfit isn't on point? Trust me, I understand the pressure. So here is a quick and easy outfit incorporating two of my favorite spring trends: dusters and t-shirt dresses! Pair our black t-shirt dress with our khaki duster, throw on a pair of strappy sandals and you're ready to go! The final product again, should look like this (except yanno, with our khaki duster):

Can't wait to see you guys try out these outfits! Tag us in your pictures at @KelseysKlosetBoutique and hashtag #KKBStyleChallenge so we can feature you on our page! Tune in for more Style Challenges and blogs. Of course, if you have any requests on what you'd like to see on the blog be sure to put them in on our Facebook page! 

And just a little something to get you through the rest of the week - 
Work harder. Be smarter. Be stronger. 
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xo, Lily




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