Transform Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps: Summer to Fall

Transform Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps: Summer to Fall

Posted on October 20 2016


How difficult is this 80 degree weather after we've already tucked our tanks and shorts in bins under our beds? Very frustrating, in my opinion. But in pulling out my summer favs from the abyss that is the underneath of my bed, I realized there are a few summer items that I too hastily put away as soon as the clock struck October. So before we grab our pitchforks and head to Mother Nature's house to demand our crisp autumn air back, let's try to transform our closets from summer to fall!

First things first: keep your staple pieces easily accessible. My favorite stable pieces when I'm looking for a quick way to style my summer wardrobe to something a little more appropriate for fall are:

  1. Denim/Moto Jackets
  2. Cozy Cardigans
  3. Infinity Scarves
  4. Ankle Booties
  5. Riding Boots

But wait, how do we use these pieces to turn a sundress into a cozy fall tunic? Let's keep going.

Step 1: Pull out your favorite summer piece.

Unless we're talking about a bright pink or yellow dress, we can accessorize your typical summer outfits way into looking extra fall, extra quickly. Whether it be a cold shoulder top, shift dress or romper; where there's a will there's a way! Personally, I've chosen KKB's Lost In A Dream Dress. As long as the tones are earthy and warm, you can move right along to step 2!

Step 2: Pair it with one of your fall staple items!

As long as you pick something cozy and neutral, to pair with your summer piece; my almost fool-proof steps will work for you! I would pair my favorite pair of riding boots and my go-to cardigan from Forever 21!

Step 3: Throw on your final touches, and rock your summer dress in the fall!

Your list of fall staples may be completely different from mine, and that's totally okay. Gotta leave room for individuality, yanno? The important part here, is to be able to accessorize your summer favs to keep you warm on brisk autumn days. And for us here in Maryland, we might have to switch out the boots for some sandals on weeks like this one. So anyway, my final touches would be a gorg long necklace from KKB (available in store now) and my one true love, the KKB floppy hat. My final product might look something like this:


Phew! Walking to class was no joke the past couple of days. I hope these three steps help you on your morning routine when you're trying to prepare for a low of 40 and a high of 82, Maryland is beautiful but sometimes the weather really plays with my emotions. 

Tune in next week for some tips and tricks on making the most of your closet!

- Lily

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