Would You Wear: Plaid Ponchos

Would You Wear: Plaid Ponchos

Posted on January 06 2017

Let's call 2017 the year of trying new things. With that mindset, I'll finally try couscous, tea instead of coffee and slightly higher heels. Maybe by the end of this year I'll be able to confidently walk in stilettos and be slightly less dependent on caffeine? A girl can dream.

At Kelsey's Kloset we try to embody that mindset through fashion! Our mission is for our customers to be the trendiest and the chicest out there. With that being said, have you heard ponchos are making a come back? That's right, you can throw a poncho over a basic tee once again and still look like a million bucks. 

So of course, we stocked up on it. 

These ponchos are super soft and cozy, one size fits all. The plaid adds the perfect touch of wintery and cozy vibes to any outfit. Click here to get yours!

So would you wear a plaid poncho? A lot of customers have asked me how to style these ponchos, seeing as they are not a solid color. But the reality is, you can literally wear the most plain outfit and just throw the poncho over top as the statement piece. 

All Black Everything

Who doesn't love a good blacked out fit? So chic, so bold, mysterious. Throw this poncho over a black long sleeve, our black fleece lined leggings and a pair of our black knee high boots and you are good to go. Oh and don't forget your super large and obnoxious sunglasses to really slay the look. 


Warm and Fuzzy

For a more welcoming and soft look, try out our taupe poncho. Once again, any long sleeve underneath will do but a white long sleeve would brighten up the look. Pair it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and our taupe trott booties for the perfect on-the-go look.


So there we have it! Two of my favorite looks with our adorable plaid ponchos. Get yours while they are still here, available in-store and online (trust me they're going fast). What better opportunity to show off the 2017 version of you to your friends, family and coworkers? Hop to, ladies!

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