Your January Wardrobe

Your January Wardrobe

Posted on January 26 2017

The best part about fashion is that it truly is art. Putting together pieces based on colors, textures and styles is unique to every person which is why I love reading other fashion blogs or just searching outfits on Pinterest. This week, one of our customers came in and styled three different outfits with our January winter selection. Meaning if you see something you like, you know where to find it ladies! ---> Shop Now

Putting together outfits with someone else is so much fun because not everyone has the same direction. For example; below, Selina styled our leather leggings with a plaid poncho and our taupe trott booties. An adorable ensemble that is unique to Selina's girly and fun style!

As a college student and NIH intern, Selina's life is pretty nonstop! Which is why we love styling her for her day-to-day routines when she pops in. 

"I would describe my style as comfy and creative. I like comfy in that since Im on campus all day I like to be comfortable in class and not having to worry about being uncomfortable while doing work or studying. Maybe creative in terms of coordinating outfits based on color, weather and how I'm feeling that day."

We're all familiar with the little black dress. We all have at least 3 of them in our closets, but why not put a personal twist on the classic LBD with our multicolor cocktail dress? It's the perfect amount of girly, scandy, and classy all in one adorable little number. Selina styled it with our black wrapper jacket and a few accessories available in-store, like the floppy hat, and our party bracelets!

"Parts of life that shape my style is definitely school and my internship during the summer. Since I work in a science lab with other coworkers, I like to spice up my outfits with a pop of color and fun."

Way to stand out, girl! We love how Selina chose to incorporate color and glitter into a classic black outfit. 

At KKB, we're all about style and comfort, especially during these cold winter months! Selina understands the struggle when she walks from one end of campus to the other so she picked out her go-to class outfit using a few of our fan favorites. The blanket scarf, fleece lined leggingsand waffle knit sweaterDo you have these babies in your closet yet? They're going fast!

Selina styled our classics with our Olive Trott Booties and our Burgundy Fur Vest to stay warm and cozy whether it's in class, strutting around campus or grabbing lunch with a friend. 

"Putting outfits together was fun! I definitely enjoyed picking one piece and imagining in my head an outfit that I would wear based on my personality. It doesn’t matter if I pick a shirt or pants first, I just pick one and go with the flow."

Thanks for showing us your #KKBStyle Selina! KKB is designed to be a unique way for everyone to find their personal style, come in during store hours and find your perfect fit! Be sure to tag us in all pictures you share to be featured on our page! :)

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